channelling the great dream

Gerrard Gosens OAM, a celebrated former Australian Paralympian, is gearing up for an extraordinary feat that will inspire generations to come.

Channelling the Great Dream

In an incredible display of determination and courage, Gosens is set to become the first totally blind person to conquer the iconic English Channel in August 2024. Gerrard who was born completely blind will embark on the ambitious challenge to swim the 34km from Dover, UK to Calais, France. He will be battling strong currents, freezing waters and jellyfish, while wearing only bathers, goggles, and a swimming cap. Remarkably, more people have scaled Mount Everest than swum across the English Channel.

Glenn Vassallo, Managing Director of GRT Lawyers, the firm that established the GRT Foundation, is a proud advocate of Gerrard and his commitment to the Great Dreams Program.

“We're extremely fortunate to have Gerrard's support, along with the financial backing of GRT Lawyers and our valued sponsors. And, of course, our army of volunteers who work tirelessly in the community to raise funds and provide kids with educational scholarships and mentorship.”
“We're passionate about turning kids Great Dreams into Reality, and Gerrard's incredible swimming challenge could not be a better of example of how you actually live your own Great Dreams.”
Channelling the Great Dream

Channelling Great Dreams with Gerrard Gosens