what is a great dreams scholarship?

The application process is designed to work as follows:

Financial Support will be determined based on the applicant’s individual needs and their ability to adhere to the Great Dreams Values. Financial support will be directly paid to service providers/retailers etc., to ensure that the funds are appropriately managed. Different levels of financial assistance will be provided according to the different expenditure requirements of each applicants dream.

One of the points of difference of the Great Dreams Program, is that it offers individual Mentorship Support. We believe that for young people to be successful in achieving their dreams, in addition to receiving financial assistance, they need to be provided with ongoing and engaging relationships with skilled professionals who can encourage them to be accountable, focused and motivated towards achieving their dream. We will pair all scholarship recipients with a suitable Great Dreams Mentor, who can share information about his or her own career path, provide practical guidance, motivation, and emotional support, share industry specific opportunities and insights. A Great Dreams Mentor will provide regular contact with the scholarship recipient so that they can help them to explore future career aspirations, set additional and ongoing goals, develop network connections, and identify further opportunities. This Mentorship relationship is a hugely important component of the Great Dreams Program, and it will significantly enhance the recipient’s ability to make their dream into a reality, by helping them to achieve great success and fulfillment.

 The applicant has a strong passion for playing a musical instrument and taking regular lessons, but due to financial difficulties in their family, they do not have the funds to support their dream. The applicant has applied for financial assistance of $600 to purchase an instrument, in addition to $40 x week for tuition for 12 months, which can be paid directly to the music teacher. The total cost of this application is $2680. The Great Dreams program will directly pay the retail shop for the purchase of the instrument, as well as directly paying the musical teacher for weekly lessons. In addition to this, a Great Dreams Mentor will be appointed to support this applicant. This mentor will be someone with experience in music, who can assist the young person to stay focused and offer industry insights and opportunities to them. The applicant will be regularly contacted by their mentor, to ensure that they are continuing with their commitment to their goal.

The applicant has a strong passion for tennis and would like to be able to attend regular tournaments, as well as have weekly lessons for tennis. Additionally, this applicant requires some new tennis equipment, as their current tennis racquet is not up to standard. The applicants’ parents are extremely supportive of their child’s vision to compete in their chosen field of tennis, however, due to lack of employment options, they are struggling to afford to pay for lessons, tournaments, and new equipment. Therefore, the applicant submits application for a new tennis racquet $700, regular tennis lessons $100 week for 12 months and the fee for competing at 3 tournaments throughout the year $180. The applicant makes and application for a total of $6080. The Great Dreams program will directly pay the retailer for the purchase of the tennis racquet as well as directly making payment to the tennis coach and submitting payment for the tennis tournaments. Additionally, this applicant will be paired with a suitable Great Dreams Mentor who has had professional experience in tennis, and can help provide additional coaching support, focused tennis specific mindset coaching, and regular contact with the young person to ensure that they are maintaining their commitment to their goal.