Channelling great dreams


Join us in celebrating the power of great dreams and the strength of the human spirit!




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creating your future reality

Have the courage to dream and set goals towards achieving a happier sense of self.

Encouraging young people to achieve their own great dreams.

who we are

We believe that all young people have the capacity to create their own future reality.

The core purpose of the GREAT DREAMS program is to provide young people up to the age of 18 years old with financial support and practical guidance, so that they can have the courage to dream, and to set their goals towards achieving a happier sense of self.

Great Dreams is managed by a volunteer committee of experienced professionals, who bring with them, a diverse skill set. All committee members are passionate about supporting young people and are motivated about enhancing their potential.

An independent committee assesses the merit of each application

what we do

Great Dreams financially supports young people, (those without access to financial means), a pathway towards achieving their dreams.

Examples of the types of support that we could provide are: Financial aid for art/sport/creative goals, educational tuition (outside school/tertiary curricular), equipment to pursue hobbies and interests, financial support for respite or travel.


Financial aid for art.

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Financial aid for sport.

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Financial aid for music.

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education tuition

Financial aid for education tuition (outside school/tertiary curricular).

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hobby equipment

Financial aid for hobby equipment.

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respite or travel

Financial aid for respite or travel.

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channelling the great dream

Gerrard Gosens OAM, a celebrated former Australian Paralympian, is gearing up for an extraordinary feat that will inspire generations to come.

how to apply

Great Dreams 2024 Applications now closed
Great Dreams is a GRT Foundation initiative that is about encouraging young people to pursue their passion, towards achieving their own great dreams.

scholarship criteria

Great Dreams is an avenue for eligible applicants to apply for financial assistance, to assist them in achieving their dreams.


The recipient demonstrates high levels of motivation, commitment and passion, to grow and be the best version of themselves.


Financial assistance to support creative / music / sport interests.

The Arts

Assistance to purchase equipment needed for interest areas.


Be aged between 10-18 years when applying for a scholarship.


Currently attends secondary school, TAFE, university or similar organisation.

Great Dreams aims to provide the much-needed funds, that will provide young people with access to fulfilling their dreams, that would otherwise be unattainable due to lack of income, family breakdown, disability or severe illness. Great Dreams supports young people aged 10-18, by offering them a 12-month financial scholarship program, that they would not otherwise have access to.


Successful recipients will demonstrate the following Great Dreams Values:

Commitment to Paying-it-Forward: you will share your time, knowledge, resources and experiences.

Discipline: you will demonstrate high standards of discipline towards achieving your goals.

Openness: you will be open to receiving feedback and trying new ways of doing things.

Proactivity: you will show initiative in your attitude and behaviors towards your goals.

Integrity: you will always be truthful and maintain the highest degree of honesty in all of your dealings.

Gratitude: you will be thankful for the support that you receive and be ready to show appreciation and return kindness.

donations and fundraising

The Great Dreams program is extremely fortunate to receive ongoing support from GRT Lawyers, as well as other very generous corporate sponsors.

We also participate in community fundraising events, to engage our community, to promote our wonderful charity to be able to continue to offer scholarships to well deserving young people.

Great Dreams distributes 100% of money raised, directly to supporting young people

contact us

If you would like to discuss your application, or if you have any questions about our scholarships, please contact Eliza on (07) 3309 7011 or use the form below.

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